2018: The Beginning Of My debt Free Journey

So, on my day off; I decided to take full advantage of this free time. I’m planning, prepping and looking forward to a New Year/Life. I’m not the same woman I was when this year started and I definitely won’t be that woman next year nor the years to follow. Woo hoo, my book that [...]

DIY Natural Deodorant

Them: Girl you smell good, what are you wearing? Me: Oh, that's just my natural Deodorant, that I make myself. Them: Wow, really! Can you make me some or tell me how you make it? So, this is how my conversations usually go. Okay, not really but yea, folks do ask me how I make [...]

2017 New Year Goals

The year is dedicated to thriving, fulling dreams, reaching and achieving ALL my goals, cutting debt, happiness, wealth . . . 2017 goals on BOOM. As another year comes to an end and the New Year approaches . . . In three days to be exact; I can't but think . . . "Where on [...]

New Year, New Wardrobe

What's on my shopping list: 1) This cute little Green Sequin Letter Print Bodycon Dress from http://www.shein.com is so freaking adorable. It's definitely on my list. 2) I'm a t-shirt lover. You can dress a t-shirt up or down. Jeans or a fancy lace skirt. Leather jacket or a structured blazer. Another cute little find from [...]