My favorite Fall sweatshirt

Yah, it's offIcially Fall but not according to Georgia temperatures; 80 who, but it's Fall Mother Nature . . . please be so kind and act accordingly. Hey, it's okay, it hasn't stopped me one time from wearing my favorite sweater. Well; I do rush home from work in the evenings to strip down because [...]

It’s gonna be a Vegan Thanksgiving

It's the absolute greatest time of the year: Autumn, October through December are totally lit (amazing, awesome) months, Cool temperatures, Good Food, The best Wardrobe season of the year . . . Okay, you get the point! Let's focus on the most important point: Good Food So, my mate and I decided to go Vegan, [...]

Along the Path to Growth

Are you uncomfortable? Are you afraid? Are you disappointed? Good, keep going; it'll pass: Pain is temporary. Growth is a process; you lose, you gain, you learn, but you don't give up: GROW. These are the key ingredients to life, they're your nourishment: in order to flourish (grow); you must nourish. Growth is evidence that you're [...]

Who are you?

Who are you? Not the external you, not the you that everyone thinks they know, not your title, not your accomplishments. Deep within, who are you? I am: -The greatest creation of my Father -LOVE -Compassionate and kind (Remember there's always someone watching . . . No one is too important to be kind to [...]

Solar Eclipse . . . Chilling With The Moon

Today was pretty awesome, the solar eclipse gave me life. I'm totally a "Let's go look at the moon and stars kind girl" it's kind of my thing. Therefore I was alllll the way in a zone, an almost unexplainable zone. I felt light, happy, joyful, peaceful and very positive about my life. I declared [...]

DIY Natural Deodorant

Them: Girl you smell good, what are you wearing? Me: Oh, that's just my natural Deodorant, that I make myself. Them: Wow, really! Can you make me some or tell me how you make it? So, this is how my conversations usually go. Okay, not really but yea, folks do ask me how I make [...]