Along the Path to Growth

Are you uncomfortable? Are you afraid? Are you disappointed? Good, keep going; it'll pass: Pain is temporary. Growth is a process; you lose, you gain, you learn, but you don't give up: GROW. These are the key ingredients to life, they're your nourishment: in order to flourish (grow); you must nourish. Growth is evidence that you're [...]

Who are you?

Who are you? Not the external you, not the you that everyone thinks they know, not your title, not your accomplishments. Deep within, who are you? I am: -The greatest creation of my Father -LOVE -Compassionate and kind (Remember there's always someone watching . . . No one is too important to be kind to [...]

Solar Eclipse . . . Chilling With The Moon

Today was pretty awesome, the solar eclipse gave me life. I'm totally a "Let's go look at the moon and stars kind girl" it's kind of my thing. Therefore I was alllll the way in a zone, an almost unexplainable zone. I felt light, happy, joyful, peaceful and very positive about my life. I declared [...]

DIY Natural Deodorant

Them: Girl you smell good, what are you wearing? Me: Oh, that's just my natural Deodorant, that I make myself. Them: Wow, really! Can you make me some or tell me how you make it? So, this is how my conversations usually go. Okay, not really but yea, folks do ask me how I make [...]

“Girls Trip” . . . Are you the girlfriend that’s afraid to be alone?

Today was a difficult day for me, from the time I awakend until now; it's been a tough day. I struggled to get through my work day, with so much on my mind; life, relationships, my career, my children, finances and the list goes on . . . I felt like running away. I just [...]

Black Love

The first time you fell in love, do you remember it? The good times, the laughter, the heartache, the time you listened to that one song (on repeat) and it helped heal a broken heart that you thought you'd never recover from, that first "I love you", late night phone conversations about the future, butterflies [...]

Hidden Figures: A Black Girl’s POV

Here I am, sitting in my car, black girl joy written all across my face. I just finished watching one of the most amazing, motivating, uplifting and encouraging movies that I've seen in a very long time. Honestly, I don't know where to begin, I don't know how to fully explain nor express this joy, happiness, [...]