Chickpea Un-Tuna Salad on Rainbow Chard

Hey lovelies, it’s me again; just sharing another one of my recipes. So, this one is a favorite of mine, even though beans give me major GAS . . . Oh my, is that TMI (too much information)?! I’m a lady! Lol Seriously, prior to changing my diet, “Tuna Fish” (that’s what my mama nem’ [...]

Creamy Jerk Pasta (Vegan)

Well hello there lovelies; it’s been a while. I haven’t given you good quality blogging in about 4 months. Lol Shame on me! Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Easter . . . All those wonderful things; if you celebrate them. 😊 Any-who, let’s jump right into it. So, as you can see from [...]