New Year, New Wardrobe

What's on my shopping list: 1) This cute little Green Sequin Letter Print Bodycon Dress from is so freaking adorable. It's definitely on my list. 2) I'm a t-shirt lover. You can dress a t-shirt up or down. Jeans or a fancy lace skirt. Leather jacket or a structured blazer. Another cute little find from [...]

Embracing My Natural Hair

Kinky, nappy, versatile, curly, big, shrunken, chemical free, beautiful, eye-catching, intriguing, stubborn, fabulous, bold and birthed by Mother Nature, my God given coils were prouduced on purpose . . . I am Tomika's hair. This is my hair; my crown! My spirit and my hair are what you'll notice before I even speak. The best [...]

Weekend 4C Curls and Pops of color

STOP . . . . . Hammer time (Picture me two legit to quitting it) Okay, I'm back; I had to gather myself. Do you see those 4C curls pop-lock-and-popping?! I'm just saying; my flat twist/Bantu Knot out, that I did about 6 days ago . . . is STILL giving me life. All this [...]

Fall is here and I’m excited about Fashions

So, Fall is here and I couldn't be more excited.  It's my most favorite time of the year. There are an array of things that make Fall so special to me . . . New beginnings, my birthday, perfect weather, colorful and beautiful scenery, and of course fashion. For me, Fall Fashion is all about [...]

Fashionable “Budget Diva” Awesome finds throughout the ATL.

Within the last few months I've "Tried" to be a little more budget conscious when it comes to shopping, being that I'm underemployed *unemployed* 🙂 Who says you can't find great, fashionable items on a budget??? Any-who while out shopping in my city (Atlanta) about a month ago I purchased some awesome items. My first [...]