“Girls Trip” . . . Are you the girlfriend that’s afraid to be alone?

Today was a difficult day for me, from the time I awakend until now; it's been a tough day. I struggled to get through my work day, with so much on my mind; life, relationships, my career, my children, finances and the list goes on . . . I felt like running away. I just [...]

New Year, New Wardrobe

What's on my shopping list: 1) This cute little Green Sequin Letter Print Bodycon Dress from http://www.shein.com is so freaking adorable. It's definitely on my list. 2) I'm a t-shirt lover. You can dress a t-shirt up or down. Jeans or a fancy lace skirt. Leather jacket or a structured blazer. Another cute little find from [...]

Birthday Reflections and Blessings . . . 36 be good to me

Birthdays are extremely important to me, for me it's God/Universe way of letting us know; there's still work to be done. It's a celebration of life and what greater gift is there, than life. 35: I brought in my 35th birthday with my bestie getting engaged and my good friend having a surprise wedding . [...]

Weekend 4C Curls and Pops of color

STOP . . . . . Hammer time (Picture me two legit to quitting it) Okay, I'm back; I had to gather myself. Do you see those 4C curls pop-lock-and-popping?! I'm just saying; my flat twist/Bantu Knot out, that I did about 6 days ago . . . is STILL giving me life. All this [...]

Cocktails, Art and Jazz . . . High Museum of Art – Atlanta

Last month my fabulous girls and I decided to attend Jazz @ the High. It was the perfect girls night out for some fashionable budgetnistas. The event takes place every third Friday of each month and once again, because we're budgetnistas . . . $10 bucks for Jazz, Art, and a fun night out in [...]