Socially Acceptable

I don’t give a damn about what’s “socially acceptable” . . . Great, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about society and the right to be whomever the hell YOU want to be; not who society try’s to convince you to be.

I am going to parent how I want to

I am going to love how I want to

I am going to live my life how I want to

Do you get my point? See, we live in a society where anything that you do, that’s not of the “norm” it’s viewed as wrong. What is normal, why does the word even exist? The world tells us it’s ok to be different; yet we condemn, scrtinize, boxoff those who act and/or think different than the masses. One can not be different, and conform.

Life exist outside of your way. Because one chooses to do things differently doesn’t make them wrong. The way that you do things isn’t the only way to do them. Yes, there may be better ways but simply because it’s better doesn’t make it the right nor the only way.

Whoever you are, always be your authentic self. Never lower your standards or become someone you’re not; to appease the masses.

With that being said; here’s to being a weirdo, a unicorn, an Alien or any other “Foreign” – Strange and unfamiliar; being.

Love, light and weird shit . . . Always be YOU. 🌻❤️


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