I’m moving to Toronto

Okay, not really . . . Hey there my lovelies, I hope you’ve been fantastically awesome.

So yea, moving to Toronto would definitely be an option for me, if the option presented its self but for now; it’s merely a dream.

Last week (about two months ago . . . late as hell finishing this post) I had the pleasure of visiting what is now considered, one of my favorite cities; behind Paris of course. It was my very first visit to Canada; however, definitely not my last. Before the year ends, Toronto and perhaps Vancouver; which I’ve heard through the “grapevine” is just as beautiful as Toronto . . . will definitely get a visit from me.


The people, the food, the scenery; beautiful. As we walked the streets lined with beautiful tulips; which by the way are one of my favorite flowers, I felt as though I was in a little tulip heaven. Heaven, is this what you look like?! From Kensingston Market to Yonge Dundas Square (I call it a mini Times Square); I enjoyed the good food (vegan friendly) and shopping. I think I spent all of money at the Kensington Market; which was totally worth it.


Okay, so let me tell you about the Organic Press; oh my freaking goodness. This place was/is amazing. Their cold pressed juices and smoothies (passionfruity: passion fruit, banana & mango; was my favorite). I sure wish they had a location here in Atlanta, I’m sure I’d be a regular.


So, incase you’re planning on visiting this beautiful city; consider staying at a centralized location. My friends and I stayed at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel; which was an awesome centralized location. We had an amazing view from our hotel room, of Nathan Phillips Square.   We were within walking distance to several eateries, the CN Tower, The aquarium and an array of other Toronto sites.


So yea, Toronto is officially on my list of places that I’ll relocate to. And there aren’t many places outside of the greatest city on earth (at least I think so) ATL, that I would consider home.


Well, until next time; love, light and a shit load of happiness. ❤️🌻

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