Black Men I Adore You

Black men today I choose to honor you.
Black men I want you to know that I adore you. You are infinity times more than what the world portrays you as. You are amazing fathers, husbands/mates, and friends. Everything about you is amazing; from the swag in your walk, to the structure of your physique . . . YOU ARE THE SHIT. You are the purest form of the definition of Excellence: The quality of being outstanding or amazing. Don’t let anyone, not even our own; tell you that you’re anything less. You are brave, you are strength; you are BEAUTIFUL. Black men I rocks with you. There is no one on the face of this earth quite like you. You can not be duplicated nor replaced. You are fresh air on a cool Autumn morning (refreshing), you are a butterfly gently landing on hand (amazing), you are the stars on a cloudy night (guidance), you are the ocean waves splashing against (euphoric). No matter what the world thinks of you, I think you’re a wonderfully amazing and beautiful being . . . the work of God himself.

Black men I love you.

Sincerely, Mika đź’‹

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