Glow Your Skin

Lots of spring water, my diet and lifestyle; these are the things that can be attributed to my “Good Skin”. I say that in such a manner because I often receive the comment, “You have really good skin”. Outside of these things, how do I maintain my natural glow and youthful look (Genetics claims my youthful look, thanks mom and dad). Any-who I’ll tell you, my little “secrets”.

Rose Water: It’s like a hint of fresh off the grid air that gently kissed my face. -Mika T

Okay, so I start by cleansing my face with a warm washcloth. No soap, just water and a fresh facecloth (By all means please don’t use the same washcloth that you use for your body). Then I apply a very small amount of Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E ($8, Soul Rooted Unlimited) over my entire face. Very moisturizing. I then spritz my face with Rose Water ($6, Your local TjMaxx or Marshall’s). Let me tell you about Rose Water. Hunny Rose Water is amazing and no one can tell me differently. From the aroma, the rejuvenating and refreshing ambiance (Yes, I said ambiance), it’s like a hint of fresh off the grid air that gently kissed my face. Oh yea, it’s that magical. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little over the top with my description. On second thought, nope; it’s that amazing. Any-who, lastly I spritz my face with Pixi Wakeup Mist ($15, Pixi; also in Target). It gives me the most amazing glow. I totally live for this product. And that’s it, my simple skincare routine.


Vitamin E:
Hydration ✔️
Anti-Aging ✔️
Scar treatment ✔️
Gives a natural glow ✔️

Sweet Almond Oil:
Hydration ✔️
Easily absorbs into the skin ✔️
Helps prevent acne ✔️
Great for dry skin ✔️
Safe for sensitive ✔️
Reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes ✔️

Rose Water:
Good bye acne ✔️
Cleans pores and tones skin ✔️
Maintains pH balance ✔️
Scar treatment ✔️
Armor (total mood enhancer) ✔️

Pixi Wakeup Mist (Orange Blossom & Citrus Extracts):
Strengthens and tones skin ✔️
Adds hydration and a protective veil ✔️
Cools refreshes, & wakes up skin ✔️
Gives a natural glow ✔️


Share your rountine!

Sincerely, Mika 💋

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