Fall Lips

It’s Fall y’all and I couldn’t be more excited . . . Actually I could; perhaps Paris, laying under the Eiffel Tower star gazing   -hmmmm- that could definitely work. Okay, back to reality! Fall is what’s considered a “magical season” for me. There’s something so amazing about the morning sent on a cool Fall morning, the coolness of my sheets against my body after I’ve snuggled into bed, the smell of  pumpkin and cimmaon and let’s not forget about hot cocoa (by the way does anyone know of any non-dairy/non-gmo hot cocoa brands, please share); these are the things that I love about Fall. Aside from that, Fashion; lip colors, sweaters, stockings/tights, blazers and scarfs -Fall Heaven-.

Any-who keeping up with the spirit of Fall, let’s talk about favorite lip colors (Lipstick). When it comes to brands, I’m a MAC girl myself. I like the fact that they don’t text on animals; although I’d love a brand that’s totally vegan/organic; however, for now MAC has my heart.

So, I’m not a “makeup girl”; actually I’ve never been but about three years ago, I started trying out lipstick, now I’ve created a monster. Yes, I created my own monster, a little “lipstick monster”. It’s like I can’t go into a mall without leaving with at least one tube. My MAC lipstick collection has grown immensely.

Here goes, my lipsticks must-haves for the Fall season.

1) Let’s start with an everyday lip color; it’s a well known lippie. I can/I will wear Ruby Woo everyday (I like to think of it as my signature). 

Retro Matte Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo
Retro Matte Ruby Woo


2) This looks amazing on and is definitely one of my go-to lippies.

Antique Velvet

Antique Velvet
Antique Velvet


3) Get your life with this one. This is a brand new purchase for me; I’ve worn it only maybe twice.

Punk Couture

Punk Couture


4) Another more recent purchase and I couldn’t be happier about this Fall color, this one also gives me my ENTIRE life.

Burnt Violet

Burnt Violet
Burnt Violet

Well, there you have it; my favorite Fall lip colors. For now, anyway! Next week, who knows – maybe before the weekend is up; I’ll have a new set of favorites.

As always, thanks for stopping by . . .

Sincerely, Mika 💋


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