Along the Path to Growth

Are you uncomfortable? Are you afraid? Are you disappointed? Good, keep going; it’ll pass: Pain is temporary.

Growth is a process; you lose, you gain, you learn, but you don’t give up: GROW. These are the key ingredients to life, they’re your nourishment: in order to flourish (grow); you must nourish.

Growth is evidence that you’re living this thing called life; that you’re evolving. The path to growth won’t always be easy; sometimes it’s going to hurt like hell. I promise you this, once you’ve outgrown the process, you’re going to be one beautiful butterfly.

Don’t give your past too much attention, it’s behind you for a reason. Hopefully you’ve learned from the mistakes you’ve made; however, don’t allow those mistakes to hinder your growth. 

Disappointments will happen, friendships will end, “love” will hurt. All of these “things” mark the era of a new journey; a new you. Guess what? It’s okay! It’s okay when relationships end, chances are; there’s someone more amazing than the “love” that you thought you loss. “Things” ending don’t necessarily mark the END, it marks the beginning of something more amazing. So what if growth left you with a few scars, I call it wisdom. “Little scars of wisdom” Oh darling life is about to get amazing, don’t fear the process. 

Evolving is so damn beautiful 

Growth is so damn refreshing 

Healing is so damn freeing

Don’t be afraid to spread your wings along the path to growth. Go quietly into the pains of growth and free yourself from the fear of growing. The other side of the light is beautiful.

Sincerely, Mika 💋

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