Who are you?

Who are you? Not the external you, not the you that everyone thinks they know, not your title, not your accomplishments. Deep within, who are you?

I am:
-The greatest creation of my Father
-Compassionate and kind (Remember there’s always someone watching . . . No one is too important to be kind to others)
-Vulnerable because I love entirely too hard and expect the same from everyone
-Often loss in my own mind, overthinking and analyzing every little thing, I can fathom a million ways for one situation
-A Giver because I’m a firm believer that what you put out into the universe you’ll receive back
-A seeker of soul connections
-An aura of love wishing to expel my positive energy and vibes amongst others
-A Magnet for happiness and positive energy/vibes
-Believer of good in all things and people
-A Truth seeker and knowledge sharer
-A Goddess
-The stars, moon, sun and ocean
-Light and hope in this crazy world
-Powerful beyond my own belief, acknowledging that I must release fear
-Laughter and bright smiles
-Afraid of dying and not having accomplished my worldly duties
-Imperfectly perfect because I am unique  -I am unlike any other human walking the face of this earth; I am me, I am Tomika

IMG_3273Who Are You, not who they told you to be, not who you think you should be, not someone else but YOU, who are you?

Peace, Love, Blessings and Happiness

Sincerly, Mika

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