Solar Eclipse . . . Chilling With The Moon

Today was pretty awesome, the solar eclipse gave me life. I’m totally a “Let’s go look at the moon and stars kind girl” it’s kind of my thing. Therefore I was alllll the way in a zone, an almost unexplainable zone. I felt light, happy, joyful, peaceful and very positive about my life. I declared patience, love, marriage, happiness, wealth (in not just finances but my spirit and soul), health, and positivity. IMG_1146

New moon, new beginnings . . . IMG_1142

I think I may have had the best view in the city (Atlanta/Decatur). I viewed the Solar Eclipse at Fernbank Science Center, on the roof of the observatory. Strangers with a common goal came together; we laughed, awed from amazement, we ducked from the sun, we took pictures, we took turns faning one another because we had forgoten our water but somehow in this 90 degree weather we had our chairs. How sway! All in all, despite the heat; I had an awesome time viewing an amazing phenomenon with total strangers.


Until next time, 2024 to be exact; love, light, laughter, good vibes and positive thoughts.

Happy New Moon! 😘🌛

Sincerly, Mika 💋



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