DIY Natural Deodorant

Them: Girl you smell good, what are you wearing?

Me: Oh, that’s just my natural Deodorant, that I make myself.

Them: Wow, really! Can you make me some or tell me how you make it?

So, this is how my conversations usually go. Okay, not really but yea, folks do ask me how I make my deodorant . . . So, here it is; in a blog, just for you. You must be special. 😊

After changing my eating habits about 5 years ago, gradually came change within many other areas in life. One of those changes included using only natural products when it came to my body. I tried “natural deodorants” and they just didn’t work. I even reverted back to the chemically infused deodorants; however; after countless painful armpit lumps and hours of research about how awful the chemicals in store-bought deodorants were, I came across a blog post from WellnessMama (I love her site by-the-way, she always has the most awesome natural tips) about making Natural Deodorant. I tried it and it DID NOT WORK, It would wear off within hours and I’d be smelling like a little grown boy. *sigh* So, guess what, I went right back to using the bad stuff . . . Trial and error at it’s worse.

Fast forward to about 8 months ago, I decided to give it another try. Whoop, whoop, success . . . I finally whipped up a batch of deodorant that allowed me to remain “so fresh and so clean clean” throughout the day. I simply tested a few batches until one worked good enough. Even during this stage, I burned my armpits from using too much baking soda; however, I didn’t revert back, I just adjusted. Finally I can say, I have a Natural DIY Deodorant that works.

So, whats in it?

Coconut oil: Raw Extra Virgin NonGMO Garden of Life or Spectrum Organic Virgin – Unrefined  NonGMO

Shea Butter – Unrefined (optional) **I used this in a recent batch, haven’t tried it yet**

Baking Soda: Arm and Hammer

Essential Oil: Lavender, Peppermint, etc. (Optional) I use Aura Cacia brand

I usually don’t use measurements; however, if you’re a person that need measurements, you may use:

3 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

3 Tbsp of Baking Soda

2 Tbsp of Shea Butter (optional)

A few drops of Essential Oil (optional)

This recipe doesn’t require refrigeration; however, mix before each use (I only need to use it once per day, that’s how well it works for me) the ingredients separate as they sit. I use my finger(s) to apply to my armpit.

**Bonus** When I sweat, I have the sweetest aroma, I often sniff myself throughout the day (girl you smell good). That Peppermint and Lavender oil aroma is the bomb.

That’s it for now . . . Now go make your own and tell me how you like it. I promise you won’t go back to using that chemically infused stuff. If I can get my 215 pound, 6’2″ manly man of a mate to use it and LOVE it; I promise you’ll love it too. Thank me later!

XOXO, Happy Natural Armpits! 

Sincerely, Mika 💋


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