Happy December

Can you believe that 2016 is coming to an end . . . where on earth did this year go?!

For me December means its time to start Christmas shopping. I know, I know “I’m late”, so what. LOL I love this time of the year and quite frankly It’s more about family, giving, laughter, happiness and enjoying the season.

Last month I had written down my holiday “to do” list. Things for my 3 year old and I to do, as well as for the entire family. So far, so good.

-Pink Pig ✔️

-Lighting of Atlantic Station ✔️

-Rode the Christmas sleigh train ✔️

-Christmas Tree Farm ✔️✔️ (This year we had the greatest time. I believe each year that we carry on this awesome sauce tradition, that it’ll only get better)

-Decorated our home and our tree ✔️✔️✔️

My list isn’t quite complete; however, I’ve enjoyed our activities thus far. Oh, guess who’s made their way to town, our elf on the shelf. Our elf is a little mischvious, but loved. Lol His name is Skittles Lightening (courtesy of my oldest haha).

Any-who, I’m just asking December to be good to me. Hopes of ending this year with love, happiness, lots of laughter, holiday parties (I just want to dress up duh 😊), good eating, and thankfulness for an amazing 2016.

Have a Happy December everyone!

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