Trend is OUT . . . with Fashion that is; however, Technology is ultra Trendy!!!

📸 by: TanyaChelsea via Instagram

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of searching on the WWW, MORE THAN USUAL…mainly Fashion though. Duh! I’ve been noticing lot’s of articles and blogs about how Technology has taken over and how Trends are not so much Trends anymore.

Have you noticed? People are dressing the way “THEY” see themselves, they are choosing looks that suit their bodies and fit into their everyday life styles. If you take a look at the Runways, Magazines etc. you will see “Trends” from different decades all thrown into one. An array of styles, trends, and fashions, today can range from the 20’s to the 21st century.

Things have definitely changed with “Trends”, “A few years ago you wouldn’t have caught any self-respeting teen in the wrong denim wash” reports the ~Wallstreet  Journal~ I definitely can agree with that! So, I’m thinking this none-“Trend” things is good for us consumers. We’re not going to be scrutinized by the “FASHION FOWARD” people. LOL… This will make things less of a hassle for people who don’t have the money to change their wardrobe each season or each year that a new “Trend” hits. As for the Designers and the Fashion Industry as a whole, its a big migraine I’m sure. They will have to work extra hard to determine what to create and sell. Trend forecasting, spotting is out the door, “FOR NOW THAT IS”.

On the up and up what it seems like to me is, The Roles Have Reversed! Instead of “Someone” perhaps the Fashion God dictating what’s hot and what’s not, i think consumers are playing the dictators.

So the Fashion Industry isn’t innovating anymore, don’t you think? I think the Technology  Industry is definitely innovating and dictating. It’s all about the New iPhone or the latest Droid…customers can’t wait to see what’s going to be the latest gadget for the season. Apple definitely has set Trends! Instead of who has the new Air Jordans or latest Prada bag, it’s all about the iPod with the most memory or that can take pictures and record videos, or how about the phone with the most outrageous App. *I bet theres an App for if you’re pregnant or not* LOL…

Well seems like Technology RULES it’s the new “Fashion” trend. Be happy that you can wear what you want, well almost anything, note to self: somethings will never ever ever in life be acceptable e.g. Jerri Curls (NEVER), hammer pants.

Technology has been and will definitely continue to be on the rise. So what’s it going to be??? The new iPhone 4G or the Christian Louboutins???? *Im taking the shoes damnit* 🙂 Gotta Love a none-trend following Fashion Diva!

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