Socially Acceptable

I don't give a damn about what's "socially acceptable" . . . Great, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about society and the right to be whomever the hell YOU want to be; not who society try's to convince you to be. I am going to parent how I want [...]

I’m moving to Toronto

Okay, not really . . . Hey there my lovelies, I hope you’ve been fantastically awesome. So yea, moving to Toronto would definitely be an option for me, if the option presented its self but for now; it's merely a dream. Last week (about two months ago . . . late as hell finishing this post) [...]

Chickpea Un-Tuna Salad on Rainbow Chard

Hey lovelies, it’s me again; just sharing another one of my recipes. So, this one is a favorite of mine, even though beans give me major GAS . . . Oh my, is that TMI (too much information)?! I’m a lady! Lol Seriously, prior to changing my diet, “Tuna Fish” (that’s what my mama nem’ [...]

Creamy Jerk Pasta (Vegan)

Well hello there lovelies; it’s been a while. I haven’t given you good quality blogging in about 4 months. Lol Shame on me! Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Easter . . . All those wonderful things; if you celebrate them. 😊 Any-who, let’s jump right into it. So, as you can see from [...]

2018: The Beginning Of My debt Free Journey

So, on my day off; I decided to take full advantage of this free time. I’m planning, prepping and looking forward to a New Year/Life. I’m not the same woman I was when this year started and I definitely won’t be that woman next year nor the years to follow. Woo hoo, my book that [...]

Why I won’t cut my son’s hair

It's my duty as a parent to guide my kids not control them. They have opinions, thoughts and feelings outside of what mommy-daddy feels and believes. See, I didn't always think like this. I was raised to fear my parents, to not question my parents, to just listen and obey. Goodness as I read what [...]

Black Men I Adore You

Black men today I choose to honor you. Black men I want you to know that I adore you. You are infinity times more than what the world portrays you as. You are amazing fathers, husbands/mates, and friends. Everything about you is amazing; from the swag in your walk, to the structure of your physique [...]